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elephant cute Video rescue - 74439681

Watch This Elephant Make a Triumphant Escape Thanks to the Rescuer Who Dug Him a Path Out of the Well He Was Trapped In

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This Elephant Escaped the Circus Just to Go Shop at a Flea Market?

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He Really Didn't Want Any Cookies

angry chasing cookies elephant lions - 5913026048
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Fall in Love With These Orphan Baby Elephants Who Introduce Their Human Friend to a Wild Elephant Herd

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Read it Again!

books elephant peanut reading - 6476114432
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Too Much of a Goo Thing

baby animals elephant gross booger bird - 8475279616
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How to Grow Your Own Faceplant

beach elephant faceplant ocean sand water waves - 6210726400
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I Appear to Be Stuck

elephant faceplant falling help ocean stuck water wave - 6198517504
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Sometimes I Wish I Could Forget

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Uhm, That's Just a Water Stain....

actors elephant roflrazzi - 5535193856
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I Guess I Enjoy It a Little Bit Too

elephant cute hug - 7540872960
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A Wild Fight

all the things argument bear best of the week elephant everything fish giraffes Hall of Fame hawk horse lion names Owl puns response - 6251221760
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I'll Just Wait For You Here

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Baby Elephant Needs a Little Help Here

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Best Laid Plans

beach elephant embarrassment faceplant plan water - 6330389248
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Elephant Says So!

elephant no time to explain nose trunk - 6014884608
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