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They're Just Jealous, Hun

baby bully climb cry elephant jerk kid mom tree - 6035192576
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elephant cute mud Video - 73845505

Watch This Brand New Baby Elephant Play in the Mud

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All You Need is Love

adopted adoption adorbz awww birds elephant family love - 5292399104
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I'll Just Wait For You Here

animals drivers elephant road - 5662969856
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elephant cute Video - 73463553

Precious Baby Elephant Figures Out Bath Time With Help From His Mom

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I Guess I Enjoy It a Little Bit Too

elephant cute hug - 7540872960
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All Your Friends See You Do It, Too!

beach diving elephant embarrassment fall friends reality - 6022834176
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I'm All Ears Capshun Contest The Winner!!!

butterfly caption contest ears elephant - 5901503232
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Uhm, That's Just a Water Stain....

actors elephant roflrazzi - 5535193856
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elephant cute Video - 74042881

Fall in Love With These Orphan Baby Elephants Who Introduce Their Human Friend to a Wild Elephant Herd

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Don't Be Silly! Of Course Us Elephants Go Shopping!

elephant apples funny stretch - 7536867328
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You'll Have to Find Another Way

elephant captions funny - 8516295168
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How's The Scardy-Cat Now?

cat elephant kitten cute scared - 8496222720
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elephant cute Video - 73770241

Watch This Baby Elephant Try to Keep Up With His New Dog Friend

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Can You Even Pick Stuff Up With It?

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That Hurts My Feewings!

Elephant Captioned
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