Animal Comedy


Dumbo Turned Into A Jerk After He Lost His Feather

animals fly car elephant dumbo - 8455933952
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U Mad?

elephant im-in-your lying down Traffic Jam - 5781794816
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Natural Basketball Association

elephant basketball funny - 7614389760
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But, I Didn't Take It!

attack elephant lion lions peanut running whoa - 5902786304
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Can You Even Pick Stuff Up With It?

elephant captions funny - 8545045248
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I'm All Ears Capshun Contest 3rd Runner Up!

butterfly caption contest ears elephant tattoo - 5901505024
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Fling Him Into Next Week, Jim!

best of the week elephant flinging go away gtfo Hall of Fame lizard off - 5844161536
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What a Pro

pun elephant slam dunk funny - 7495580928
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Elephants Love Christmas, too!

christmas elephant - 8390259968
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goodbye gifs elephant - 8437820672
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I'm All Ears Capshun Contest 2nd Runner Up!

butterfly caption contest ears elephant tattoo - 5901507072
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True Happiness

aw yeah celebration elephant feels good happiness waterfall - 6111695616
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May I Suggest Some Gum?

face elephant - 8501043712
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You really think I can fly?

birds conversation dumbo ears elephant fly flying friends interspecies friendship - 5843619072
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La Go!

elephant funny - 7498078464
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Koalafications? Ha!

elephant koala puns response strut - 6241801728
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