Animal Comedy


I Think You Need Glasses

cat confused ducklings kitten lost mom - 6352001536
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O Swimmy Pool, Ai Stands on Guard for Thee

bukkit ducklings guard hoomins lolrus swimming pool take - 6057763328
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Run Free

baby chick best of the week birds chicken chicken nuggets do not want ducklings escape free Hall of Fame nugget run away running away - 6076022528
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The Youth Today is so Spoiled!

cute ducklings rescue spoiled - 8159872768
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We're Holding Out Hope

cat ducklings kids kitten - 6343344896
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But Still, You Have to Try

some days ducklings ducks saying - 6743224832
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Why, When I Was Your Age...

annoyed duck ducklings kids mom srsly - 6497988352
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You Have to Make Sure Everyone is Here

kids ducklings ducks swimming come on moving parent stop counting - 6735535360
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Duckling King

ducklings ducks cute - 8063821568
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Why We Rarely Go to Movies

annoying captions children duck ducklings kids movies parenting questions - 6463295488
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Mus Be Teh Voicez In Hiz Hed Agen.

shut up ducklings loud quacking - 6930639872
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