Animal Comedy


Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

You Sure it's Not Your Drug Problem?

drugs excited roflrazzi shopping teeth - 5373285120
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My Life is Over . . . Let's Party!

baby child depression drugs historic lols mother wtf - 5272878336
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Lucky Her!

alice in wonderland drugs high historic lols oops - 5503848704
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It's Giving Away My Position

animals chameleon colorful drugs high reptile - 5664831488
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Amphetamines and Barbiturates

cars drugs excited happy high trippin trippin-out whoa whoa buddy - 5418921472
Via heartfulpenguin

Visiting Cousins. They're ALL Like This.

ferret drugs catnip family Cats cousin - 6778837504
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I Should Have Known!

animals bear cocaine drugs high squirrel whatcha thinkin about - 5496419328
Via The (BEST) Fun Site

You Has da Funniest Stories!

catnip drugs friend high hugging lion tree - 6475061248
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I'm Gonna Get so Hay Off This

drugs pun high goats funny - 7597303040
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I Don't Monkey Around With That Stuff

cat drugs monkey on your back funny - 7563325440
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I Don't Remember Studying That Method in Theater School...

actors drugs roflrazzi - 5101513728
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The Proiest of Pro-Tips!

baking cooking delicious drugs historic lols kitchen vintage - 5403726592
By xyzpdq1

Me Moosta

animals Canada drugs I Can Has Cheezburger moose - 5092463872
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acid art best of the week drugs Hall of Fame high historic lols - 5498402816
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I Don't Have to Listen to a Talking Cucumber Anyway

crazy drugs goats messed up - 6816464640
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I'm the Same Way and I Don't Even Have Kids

coffee drugs historic lols vintage - 5272006656
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