Animal Comedy


But, My Mood is Elevated!

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He Never Suspected This

learned drinking soda squirrels straw - 6863363328
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Dirty Maria-tini

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True Hollywood Story: Animal Edition

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What a Coincidence, Harold!

animals birds drinking feeding flamingos I Can Has Cheezburger stalkers stalking - 5264427520
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Mine Too

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They Said They Were 23!

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I Like Being Rescued by Brandy

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Just Doing My Part

Funny big cat meme of a lion that looks drunk saying he simply at a drunk officer.
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Get a Designated Diver

diving drinking crashing psa puns ducks - 6916764416
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To Each His *Hic* Own

Bird drinking from a cup
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But It's On the List

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I've Had a Couple Beers

alcohol best of the week booze cow cows drinking drunk Hall of Fame whoa - 5868093696
Via Did You Just Eat Sofa Pizza?

No, Gracias, Gatito!

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HEY! I Resemble That Remark!

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