Animal Comedy


What Would Pygmy Goat Do?

alcohol booze caption drink drinking goat goats - 5931415040
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No, Gracias, Gatito!

alcohol animals Cats drinking I Can Has Cheezburger pickup lines sombrero tequila - 5113452544
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But, My Mood is Elevated!

alcohol booze drinking drunk historic lols vintage woman - 5729023232
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They Said They Were 23!

art drinking historic lols painting wine - 5651024128
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True Hollywood Story: Animal Edition

chipmunk drinking drunk homeless Movie - 6485348096
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Next Time Order the Merlot

alcohol cat drinking I Can Has Cheezburger mistake oops wine - 5424587264
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But It's On the List

caffeine drinking hyper last soda squirrel - 6551879680
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I'm Cutting You Off, Buddy

alcohol booze crow drink drinking drunk edgar allen poe nevermore raven - 5382846976
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It Would Like Some Sugar, Though

bunnies teacup drinking pouring tea cream - 6859504384
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So, it's PBR?

alcohol beer drinking drinks elephant pool swimming pool - 5210637824
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Pour Me a Glass

drinking crows puns ice - 8066844928
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Our Last Encounter Didn't End So Well...

alcohol animals Cats creepy drinking I Can Has Cheezburger meet wine - 5043052032
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best of the week booze drinking drunk Hall of Fame jello shots lizard Party - 5829714176
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Don't Mention it, Little Fella!

alcohol anteater delicious drinking drunk i love you wine - 5277980416
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Practice Makes Perfect

animals bird drinking thirsty water - 5688317696
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What the Hell Happened Last Night?

alcohol drinking drunk guitar Hall of Fame wtf - 5390141184
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