Animal Comedy


They're baaack...

dolphins so long and thanks for all the fish back fish - 7007566848
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Know Any Hitchhikers?

boat boop dolphins fish Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy KISS noses - 6050058496
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The Dolphin Takeover Has Already Begun

animals caption captioned dolphin dolphins I Can Has Cheezburger just capshunz smart - 5176310016
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This is the Extreme Course

dolphins chasing swimming fast wrong sharks eating you - 6894742272
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Lifestyles of the Dolphins

classy dolphins jump refreshing swimming - 6097426944
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My New Favorite Restaurant

big dolphins impressed restaurant tiger whoa - 6112220672
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Dumb Moment Dolphin

air best of the week bubbles caption dolphin dolphins dumb Hall of Fame ocean stupid water - 6029544704
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It's the Time of Year to be Spooked by Slimy Things

halloween dolphins comics ghosts jellyfish - 7866905344
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Under the Sea!

dolphins political Pundit Kitchen russia Vladimir Putin - 5682241024
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But I'm Faster Than Lightning...

dolphins funny proposal love - 8020888064
By Unknown

What Happens in the Ocean Stays in the Ocean

dirty dolphins Pundit Kitchen russia Vladimir Putin - 5130803712
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You Can Look. Just Don't Touch.

dat ass dolphin dolphins penguins - 5869953792
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Probably Just My Imagination

creepy dolphins feeling imagination penguin penguins watching - 5903123968
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Sir? Sir? I Can See You, You Know!

sea dolphins door to door - 6978066688
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Flipper Feels

dolphins rescue - 8258734336
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Lawyer Goggie Iz Awn Teh Case

dolphins puns - 6982703616
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