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The Knee Bones Connected to the Thigh Bone

cat climbing doctor I Can Has Cheezburger looks good skeleton - 5276445696
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I'm Not Exactly An Expert

birds doctor embarrassed expert showing stop - 6522301952
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No, He Was Just a Perv

creepy doctor historic lols sexy women - 5046467072
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It's a Real Problem in His Pond

addiction captions crack doctor drugs ducks puns quack rehab veterinarian - 6429321216
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Funny memes about veterinarians and animals | Spongebob CLIENT STARTS APPOINTMENT WITH MY BREEDER TOLD VETERINARYHUMOR IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT | Big fan this picture veterinarian showing cat fat he is.

Fourteen Veterinary Memes For The Heroes Who Care For Our Pets

Thanks you, vets and vet techs alike!
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Dr. Tinyskwerl, D.D.S.

dentist doctor pumpkins sick squirrel - 6363199488
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Otter You Drooping For?

commercial otter doctor lolz - 6594213888
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That's a Doctor Who Knows What He's Talking About

doctor fat hippopotamus hippos I Can Has Cheezburger obese wtf - 5039810560
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Live Fast, Die Young

doctor health gorilla - 8485839104
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I Burst into Song Randomly Throughout the Day

best of the week disney doctor Hall of Fame puns sick snow white song squirrel thank you - 6327671296
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He's Not the One On the Diet

ass captions confused doctor donkey help refrigerator - 6500542208
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Pitiful Koala is Pitiful

cast doctor ice cream koala - 6178815232
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