Animal Comedy


Wandering in the desert of humor and memes, it's not easy to find a fresh oasis. Try to make your own with these arid memes and puns.

Safety First

best of the week crossing the street desert elephants Hall of Fame savannah trunks - 6136631552
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What a Lovely Vacation!

attack australia awesome Battle desert wtf - 5407503104
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Even Deserts a Rich With Literature

cute books camels desert - 8157341952
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Travel Advisory

desert cactus hedgehog funny - 7673071616
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Ear Nibbling Transcends All Languages

camels desert ear mood - 6284790528
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My Money's on the Penguin

desert llama lost money out of place penguin - 6138413312
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Didn't Make the Left at Albuquerque

confused desert llama llamas lost out of place penguin penguins - 6137503232
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Someone's Trying a Little Too Hard

couple dancing desert fighting foxes playing romantic tango - 6405726720
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Most Retellings Omit the "Rhino" Detail

clouds desert lake reflection rhino water - 6271291904
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You'd Seek Out a Little Color Too if You Were Him

color desert llama lost penguin traveling - 6145120768
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Zebra Juvenile Delinquents

desert running zebras - 6233600512
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