Animal Comedy


Sloths Have a Very, Very Dark Streak

brains creepy cute die eat evil sloths wtf - 5932841216
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And Which One is That?

face real creepy spider look - 6645358592
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Now, That's a Face I Trust!

creepy fennec foxes follow me foxes I Can Has Cheezburger - 5241967360
See all captions By toshibaman

...I Don't Believe You.

creepy fairy insect window wtf - 5971284224
By Unknown

I Remember Everything

spider fell bed creepy remember seeing - 6593876480
See all captions By thegrin

The Silence of the Kittehs

animals Cats creepy hose I Can Has Cheezburger lotion movies quotes silence of the lambs - 5096817152
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What Are You Gonna Do About It?

bed creepy eggs mine scary spider tarantula - 6489265664
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You Will Make the Perfect Host Body

creepy dummies historic lols scary wtf - 5013988352
See all captions By Megadave020

Life Always Imitates "Art"

actors creepy - 5145209344
Via Epic Ponyz

Someone's Gotta Bring the Kids to School...

spiders excuse creepy - 7949738496
By Tabasco369 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

I Noticed That You Didn't Wash Behind Your Ears, Timmy

creepy gross historic lols pedobear showers watching - 5149323776
By xyzpdq1

A Windowless Van and an Endless Dream

confused creepy historic lols idgi vintage wtf - 5602745600
See all captions By brookenky

RT @StrangeHayMan A Roll in the Hay, Perhaps?

creepy historic lols twitter wtf - 5250007808
See all captions By Len314159

Look at That Cuddly Little Fur!

bugs creepy nope - 8235352320
See all captions By OneSkunkTodd

Needs More Fudgesicle

actors creepy nicolas cage roflrazzi scary sleeping wtf - 5164835840
See all captions By amberwindchime

I Can See Everything

spider eyes i see you all everything creepy Staring lolz - 6590919424
See all captions By beeker1956
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