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Watch These Happy Cows Celebrate Getting to Go Outside After a Cold Winter Spent in the Barn

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And to Drink...Purrooo!

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That Actually Wasn't Too Hard

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Do You Hear the Bovine Sing

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I Write Some Pretty Objectionable Stuff

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It's Everywhere

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He Has It In For You Guys

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Didn't Know Milking was Such a Touchy Subject

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Slobber is Good for the Complexion. Mebbe.

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Itz Nawt Mai Fawlt Yor A Hippocrit

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I Always Thought It Was Rather Marginal, Myself

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Think Twice About What You Ask to Has

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Don't Mooove, This is Perfect

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This Cow Was Wiling To Go Through This Car Window To Get A Lick

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The Next Level of Friendship

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Sir Loin of the Round Dinner Table

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