Animal Comedy


What a Party Pooper!

trampoline Party funny cows - 8014057984
By Unknown

The Cow is French

cows humans french tongue KISS - 7922078720
By Unknown

Conspiracy Cows

Aliens cheese conspiracy cows moon paranoid - 6557636864
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That Actually Wasn't Too Hard

cows easy hay Hey surprise - 6335350528
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People do WHAT With My Milk?!

cows funny reading - 8265296640
Via roosterteeth

Do You Hear the Bovine Sing

cows - 6560564992
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What Is That Baby Seal Doing in a Field Full of Cows?

cute seal rescue What Is That Baby Seal Doing in a Field Full of Cows?
Via ITV News

Ask A Stupid Question...

question Awkward cows - 8402027520
See all captions By SirNottaguy-Imadad

Slobber is Good for the Complexion. Mebbe.

wake up gross licking cows - 6755843584
See all captions By jennybookseller

Didn't Know Milking was Such a Touchy Subject

jokes chasing angry laughing Cats cows - 7008129792
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cute Video cows - 73431297

They're Just Here for the Free Concert

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Forget Not These Maths

horses math funny cows stupidity - 7748912896
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Can You Say Woof?

cows names - 6523552256
See all captions By Unknown

Or Like I'd Hopped

best of the week cows embarrassing FAIL fence Hall of Fame hope oops Sad stuck - 6061364992
See all captions By Ravyn6747

I Know a Great Vegetarian Place

bull cows date dinner hug steak - 6385577472
See all captions By MallardVHS

He's Seen Everything

you ninja Staring angry watching cows - 6949456128
See all captions By happiegal
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