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Moo. The cow is a versatile creature. From milk to steak and even cash, they can do it all. But you should definitely buy the cow, no milk is free, and there's no such thing as free lunch. Let out a hoot at these bovine jokes and puns that will have you mooing.

Don't Believe Internet Social Sites!

cat cow chasing cheezburger vegetarian angry honest - 6586165760
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Training Is Advisable

cow captions funny - 8491070720
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It's not just for Fanksgibbon anymor.

cow thanksgiving yum Turkey - 6782601728
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Hey Ladies

cow drugs horns - 8466593280
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The Girl Next Barn Door

something cow moo farm barn - 6644729344
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I Didn't Say Stop!

cow bull cat chasing milk stealing - 6596386304
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I Can Has World Domination?

cow world domination - 7298016768
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Didn't Even Bother to Look Through the Fence First

cow stuck laughing trick horse - 6688802048
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For a Moo-Valous Shopping Experience...

cow everything shopping funny - 8399697408
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When Nursery Rhymes Go Bad

cat chasing cow nursery rhyme - 6559399168
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birds can you hear me now communication cow ear nose talking telephone - 6397778176
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You Wanted to Do What?

captions Cats chasing cow revenge wrong - 6563214080
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As Soon as I Get Out of This...

shut up cow fence stuck laughing stupid horse - 6689291008
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Justin Beefer Wishes It Was 2007 Again

animals cow puns - 8495576832
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Not an SNL Fan?

cat cow chasing song angry - 6571800576
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I Don't Even Have a Board

cow cows food ocean standing water youre-doing-it-wrong - 6253754112
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