Animal Comedy


I'm Sure That Seagull Deserves What's Coming to Him

animals annoying birds countdown I Can Has Cheezburger seagulls surprise vs - 5175548672
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Always Liked That Expression

annoying cat countdown crow food pecking - 6286059008
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Amphibian Facepalm

amphibian captions countdown facepalm frog waiting - 6428696576
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Not One of Your Better Ideas

bite countdown feeding fingers missing seagull - 5778692864
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Learning the Hard Way

biting lions countdown lesson tail - 7108291584
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Begin Countdown

countdown flying Owl ready rocket spaceship - 5943645952
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Call It a Teachable Moment

lesson learned biting lions countdown new tail cubs - 6742913280
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I juss lubz dat momentary luk ub terror!

countdown lion safari terror turn around waiting - 6440633856
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I've Perfected My Timing

bird countdown poop seagull Target - 6268055808
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Target is Attempting to Pet. Fire Now!

countdown llama pet spitting target acquired - 6046047232
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Teach 'Em When They're Young

biting lions countdown cub tails - 6766334976
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