Animal Comedy


Worth It!

aww corgi i love you murder murderer no worries puppy worth it - 5335384832
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Your mother wuz a hamster... ...and your father smelt of elderberries.

animals awesome corgi hamster i has a hotdog insult - 5373352448
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Ridiculously Photogenic Corgi

corgi wink - 7184067584
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Behold, the Horgi!

costume mask corgi horse - 8420061696
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Because You are Choking Me With This Collar

corgi i has a hotdog - 5343527680
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Corgis Will One Day Take Over the Planet

corgi i has a hotdog silence of the lambs snacks - 5410870272
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After a Long Week of Napping

corgi twins - 8377292288
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