Animal Comedy


He Was Dropped as an Egg

confused dropped egg frustrated Owl stupid teaching try again what who - 6119547136
By momofzoo

Read a Zoology Book Yeesh.

ape frustrated for the last time yelling confused angry monkey - 6662986752
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You've Got the Wrong Species

otter confused dam pun beaver wrong - 6684892672
Via Reddit

Meanwhile, At HP Tech Support

clueless computer confused gopher i have no idea what im doing prarie dog tech support - 6443970560
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I Will Never Understand Human Logic

confused dandelion Flower gorilla logic understand weed - 6218520576
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I'm Stunned, Too!

cat confused cross eyed I Can Has Cheezburger - 5534778368
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And Who Gave Them Such Sharp Claws?

Funny dog meme of a golden retriever nursing a small group of black and white tiger cubs.
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Bwave Asplorer Kitteh Takes a Field Assignment.

cat confused lolspeak playing praying mantis - 6546311424
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I Assure You I Taste Nothing Like Chocolate

confused misunderstanding moose pun recipe - 6437835520
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Right Colors, Wrong Shape

parakeet candy corn confused colors categoryvoting-page - 6586906368
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I Never Understood This Term Either

animals confused cougar cougars I Can Has Cheezburger women - 5150387968
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That Idiom Makes Less Sense Every Day

confused idiom polar bear where woods - 6050207488
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What Have They Done to You?!

animals Cats confused friends I Can Has Cheezburger look alikes socks - 5078150400
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Bob is About to Learn a Lesson

angry attack confused expressions tail - 6385535744
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Youtube FAIL

hedgehog stuck tube youtube FAIL confused are you sure toilet paper - 6620093952
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The Red Light is On, Does That Mean It's Working?

camera close confused parrot Staring - 6568146432
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