Animal Comedy


Slow Down! Slow Down! What Was Step One Again?

butts cell phones confused dancing girls guys help sex sexy - 5122853632
By Unknown

I Think I was Switched at Birth

confused flying leaving mom nest no squirrel - 6051784192
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What Did I Do Last Night?

confused elephant nest tree - 6537970944
Via Viva la Caca

Youtube FAIL

hedgehog stuck tube youtube FAIL confused are you sure toilet paper - 6620093952
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And Who Gave Them Such Sharp Claws?

Funny dog meme of a golden retriever nursing a small group of black and white tiger cubs.
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Read a Zoology Book Yeesh.

ape frustrated for the last time yelling confused angry monkey - 6662986752
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Or Why I'm Doing It

stuck chipmunk confused pipe i have no idea what im doing - 6647400960
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This Ought to Drive the Conspiracy-Theory Nuts CRAZY

cat confused conspiracy litter box poop shocked stealing stolen wtf - 5386186496
Via Cats Being D**ks

Don't You Ever Listen?

owls confused who - 6833651968
See all captions By Tarantino

Plan for World Domination: Stalled

goat guns confused - 6615711488
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Maybe Instead of Making You My Kill I will Give You Nice Massage 'Kay?

cat too big deer confused hunting - 6659309312
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Swimming Directions Are in Beta

beach confused google maps lost penguin sand Sure wrong - 5781812224
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He's... Special

boy confused cub hare hunt lions puns rabbit son special told - 6333250816
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Dont Try to Figure Out da Hoomans

goat sweater confused - 8451475200
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Furry with no Bark...

animals confused human leg squirrel tree what - 5741747968
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Just Shut Up and Follow That Rabbit!

bear chase confused eating follow - 6115247104
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