Animal Comedy


You've Got the Wrong Species

otter confused dam pun beaver wrong - 6684892672
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F-Stop It!

confused puns otter i have no idea what im doing - 8432485632
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She Won't Give Me the Time of Day

swan damn confused - 8481326080
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Bob is About to Learn a Lesson

angry attack confused expressions tail - 6385535744
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They Lied at the Bar

bar buffalo cat confused food lied - 6520139264
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And Why Are Those Guys in Blue Yelling?

crime scene police tape squirrels confused - 7069324800
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I Never Understood This Term Either

animals confused cougar cougars I Can Has Cheezburger women - 5150387968
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Maybe Instead of Making You My Kill I will Give You Nice Massage 'Kay?

cat too big deer confused hunting - 6659309312
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I Suggest You Get That Straight Before Someone Gets Hurt

biting confused lions mistake tail wrong - 6422486272
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Don't Worry, Me! I'm Here!

reflection me confused monkey drowning - 6742484736
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Mr. Naked Ape, I Presume

what are you confused sugar glider Okay i-dont-know flying squirrel - 6712339968
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Here For the Food Mostly

baby confused cuddle deer food Forest house lost - 5782568960
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This One's More Fun

annoyed biting confused lions tail - 6367063040
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Didn't Make the Left at Albuquerque

confused desert llama llamas lost out of place penguin penguins - 6137503232
See all captions By extreme_momma

I Can't Reach Him!

reflection trapped help confused monkey drowning - 6718003968
See all captions By SpikeDawg

Nao I'm In Trubbl Wif teh Wife!

bewbs confused disappointed hooters Owl wife - 6012016128
See all captions By violetD
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