Animal Comedy


Just Like This

animals computer gecko let me in technology - 5806152448
By Unknown

How to Get Them Out?

foxes excuse me stuck trapped help computer confused - 6944175360
See all captions By crazycat03

I Know What I'm Doing

animals cat computer expert fix I Can Has Cheezburger - 5617675008
See all captions By TACOMAN64

Give That Mouse a Break

computer mice - 7892510976
By Unknown

Hello, I.T.

groundhogs it Office computer Prairie Dogs - 6829249280
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U iz Gunna b in Trubbl Nao!

animals cat computer guilty I Can Has Cheezburger - 5743437056
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hi guard wife in trouble rent computer pr0n lynx - 6717981696
See all captions By safrida

I Don't Think the Computer Recognizes that Command

scary screaming computer lynxes - 6732872960
See all captions By Unknown

It's Most Effective

scary worry computer effective robbery lynxes - 6928563200
See all captions By ponygirlutah

You Already Are

lolcat dreams computer caption lynx - 6729171200
See all captions By Unknown

Another Day At the Hutch

computer feet lazy Office rabbit work - 5903297536
See all captions By hamburger_man

Unless It Encounters a Problem with Windows

better computer firefox fox - 6473767424
See all captions By surveyork

Tasty Tasty Data

computer delicious ferrets tasty - 5911790080
See all captions By dukesro

It Goes on the Internet or Something Too...

cute birds computer warmer sleeping - 8240619264
Via Dump a Day

Go Outside

internet computer no lynx - 6720231680
See all captions By worksucks

Left Your Online Dating Profile Open Again

cheetah computer cub fat lying online dating - 6568488704
See all captions By Unknown
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