Animal Comedy


Aw, Nuts! Rejected Again!

chipmunks proposal flowers love denied - 8063313920
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Why Do You Ask?

corn chipmunks lying denial nothing no - 6780124416
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A Few Hours Later, This Lil' Guy Was Eaten by a Real Snake!

animals caption captioned chipmunks FAIL I Can Has Cheezburger just capshunz snake tongues - 5070542336
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Erts Fern, Thernks

chipmunks food waiter - 7976877568
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Courage Chipmunk

animals cheeks chewing chipmunks food grapes I Can Has Cheezburger Memes - 5175147008
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Make the Next One a Double

age alcohol chipmunk chipmunks drinking excuses - 6171512320
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chipmunks tree - 64484353

Chip 'n' Dale

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I'm Gonna Break Me Sum Nutz!

annoying song chipmunks - 6832005888
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They Shall Conquer All the Land

birds chickens chicks chipmunks pass it on secrets squirrels whispering - 5924445696
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He Couldn't Help It...It Had Twelve Different Kinds of Nuts

cheeks chipmunks squirrels funny - 7974327552
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I Wyke Wine!

animals cheeks chipmunks food grapes I Can Has Cheezburger like - 5180019200
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