Animal Comedy


Shouldn't Have Skipped My Last Checkup

broken chameleon green lizard - 6267306240
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Damn Those Angry Birds

angry birds animals birds broken embarrassed embarrassing glass I Can Has Cheezburger oops windows - 5260354048
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This Thing is Borked...

bird birds broken chicken chicken crossing the road gps oops - 5846252288
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Why You All Winding Your Windows Up?

broken cars driving paw tiger traffic - 6139662080
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Just Making a Weird Growling Noise

annoyed lions cubs broken - 6910833152
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Maybe if I Stay Very Still I'll Be All Right

animals borked broken chameleon oops reptiles - 5698232320
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Poor Phyllis

trampoline broken funny - 7672421120
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I Think I Broke Them

broken legs - 7173015296
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Must Not be an Ultrasonic Bird...

birds broken funny - 8229513472
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Plus Ai Finks teh Handlebars Fell Off

broken lolspeak motorcycle noises praying mantis - 6112443904
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