Animal Comedy


I'm Blue if I was Green I might die, there is some.... yeah some of us we're kids in the 90s. A beautiful color and cult classic techno song, and even a powerful emotion. Such a versatile word, and the connotations can really go...anywhere. Take a chance, a gander, maybe find a new meaning for the word Blue for you.


blue blue-footed boobies feet painting someone - 6583079680
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Yesterday I Was Peachy Green

animals awesome blue lizard - 5816321536
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I Have No Choice in the Matter

birds blue makeup - 7508031232
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At Least the Song Made Sense to Someone

blue singing song bluebird - 6753673984
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And They're Brothers!

blue frogs god mission Movie quote - 6557580800
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They Leave Such a Bad Aftertaste

blue gross lizard sticking tongue out tongue - 6464321024
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Valentine's Day is Definitely Over

animals blue birds get off my lawn - 8446982912
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No More Camouflage for Me

chameleon note to self fly blue eating camouflage - 6582467584
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A Booby that is Self Conscious about His Booties

animals blue shoes birds feet - 8404930816
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