Animal Comedy


Why Does The Kitty Look Like a Giant Rat?

possums cute blind Cats funny - 8036042752
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Owl, You Need Glasses

blind glasses mistake Owl pride sight - 6010635776
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Makes Sense, Actually

falling ducks blind - 6925828608
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Not Mutually Exclusive

blind fool lion safari stupid watching - 6404896256
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They Haven't Gotten Back to Me Yet

blind sheep wool - 7072233472
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This Cat Eats With his Hands...Weird

Cats cute blind confused hands raccoons - 7929864704
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Iz Shur Itz Nice, Butt (!) Ai Kant See a Fing...

animals blind Cats dat ass I Can Has Cheezburger tails wat - 5128449536
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Bambi's Eyesight is Going in His Old Age

bambi blind cat confusion deer eyesight rabbit wth - 5790976000
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I Hear Cheering

blind cant-see horse race winning - 6549533696
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I Think I See Your Problem...

animals blind moose theres-your-problem yelling - 5366586112
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