Animal Comedy


If Thy God Commands It, Then It Shall Be Done!

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Did You Go to a Professional, or Did You Do It Yourself?

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I'm Sure Everyone Noticed Your Personality First, Anyway

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Sometimes I Hate Capshunz

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But "Any Caption" Is a Caption!

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By xyzpdq1

Yeah, She's Totally Hot, Isn't She?!

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Take Off Your Magical Scientology Glasses First, Tom

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If They Return, They Were Always Yours

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By xyzpdq1

I Can't Resist a Man With a Nice Pair of Owls

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Do What You Can With What You Have Available!

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Love Those Curves!

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Talk About a Windowlicker

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Gotta Know What Your Priorities Are!

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By Unknown

Give the Oxford English Dictionary People a Few Months... It'll Be in There Soon Enough

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How Can You Forget Something You Always Have?

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Looks Like You Might Have Left Both

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