Animal Comedy


He Waddles to His Own Beat

beach dance dancing no ocean penguin penguins - 5782999552
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If You Watch "Jaws" Backwards

backwards beach eating jaws Movie shark - 6648278016
See all captions By SirNottaguy-Imadad

At Least Eat The Food

stealing beach seagulls food funny - 7755018752
See all captions By Elite1O1

What do I Look Like? A Sea Horse??

nope beach horses funny - 8169624832
Via thefatcheerleader

Born With a Confused

baby beach hatched egg confused where turtle - 6761568512
See all captions By desert29rat

I Thought That Fish Tasted a Little Funny...

beach snow movies funny penguins - 8053879296
By Unknown

I Just Hope he can Stick the Landing

fly puns cute beach hedgehogs - 7878169088
By Unknown

Bring on the honey bunnies!

beach bunny Party - 8449112832
By jennybookseller

Body Type Prejudice can be Severely Limiting.

beach cow crashing Dorothy dreams model Sad waves - 6252907264
See all captions By momofzoo

Those Are Not Your Regular Drinking Buddies

sea lions beach - 8483486208
See all captions By tentilizer

Work it, baby... Work It!

beach flamingo model ocean pink sexy - 5904653568
See all captions By Emerald63

Just Close Your Eyes

tiger relaxing beach water pond - 6611694080
See all captions By Unknown

Unless They Mooved

beach confused cow lost sun - 6255586816
See all captions By stiltman

Judgemental Sea Lion Thinks You Should Share

beach food friend nom ocean sea lion seal share summer water - 5975986688
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It's Hard to Know How to Pack in Winter

bears beach funny - 8031875840
See all captions By kenbaker

And we Think we Have THEM Figured Out...

penguins beach whales - 7909780224
By fuzzyballs
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