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Some Aspects of His Life are Still Unknown...

Babies bats literalism batman funny - 8248935168
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The Duck Knight

duck pun batman the dark knight funny - 7534365952
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His Story Is Always Changing...

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Well, No Need to Be So Chipper About It!

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This Takeover is for Da Birds

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Call Central Casting!

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That's Pretty Impressive, Right?

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Everyone's a Fan of Batman!

batman capybara netflix robin - 6576360704
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And He Really Doesn't Like It When You Brew Tully's

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He's the Hero the Farm Deserves

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That's a Bunch of Bullsith

batman costume darth vader roflrazzi sayings win - 5233244928
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Many Years and Many Waist Sizes Ago

actors batman fat remember roflrazzi val kilmer - 5096367360
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It Must Be the Feathered Mohawk

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It's Nice to See Him Happy After All These Years of Misery

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