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barack obama

But, That New Pizza Place is *REALLY* Good!

barack obama best of the week Hall of Fame joe biden president Pundit Kitchen vice president - 5278109440
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Ready or Not, Here I Come!

barack obama politics president Pundit Kitchen - 5607165696
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Financial Crisis Solved!

barack obama couch economy money Oval Office political pictures president Pundit Kitchen - 5050453504
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Seems Simple Enough

barack obama games meeting Oval Office politicians president Pundit Kitchen - 5047605248
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Brownies are Better

barack obama cupcakes president Pundit Kitchen - 5253680128
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No, *Captioning* Kitties Is of the Highest Priority!

barack obama Cats kittehs political pictures president priorities Pundit Kitchen - 5046135552
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Kenneth Ellen Parcel Would Make a Great First Lady

barack obama look alikes president Pundit Kitchen TV - 5039166208
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Sea Lion of the President of the United States of America

barack obama meme president - 5903268864
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Invisible Post

animals barack obama Cats concert hamsters I Can Has Cheezburger invisible politicians president - 5046276608
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You Just Know Obama's Security Detail Was Freaking Out

barack obama giants politicians Pundit Kitchen sports - 5029114880
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Don't Be a Coward, Hawking!

barack obama computer politicians president Pundit Kitchen - 5091002368
Via Flying Scotsman

It Hurts!

barack obama political politics president Pundit Kitchen Sarah Palin - 5221063936
By ToolBee

So Much for Elephants and Their Amazing Memories

barack obama economy multipanel politicians politics Pundit Kitchen Republicans the office - 5200348416
Via Best Roof Talk Ever

I Do Love a Good Portmanteaubama

barack obama food politicians president Pundit Kitchen - 5051027968
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Like a Dandy

barack obama fancy Like a Boss political pictures politicians president Pundit Kitchen - 5018101760
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That Jan, She's a Trickster!

barack obama political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5748782080
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