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Och, These Wee Bairns Cannae Handle Whisky!

alcohol Babies drinking kids scotland - 5044644608
By Unknown

No? I'm at the End...Just Like This Visit to the Zoo...Sheesh!

alphabet Babies crying scared zebras - 7960608256
By Unknown

Being Born is Exhausting!

Babies mom whales - 8263103488
Via izismile

Ahh... Da Good Ol' Days!

Babies cigarettes drinking historic lols kids light smoking - 5242153216
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Worst. Prize. Ever.

Babies baby Mitt Romney money politicians Pundit Kitchen - 5018353152
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Babies bats batman funny - 8058252800
By Unknown

Where Did You Think Nuns Came From?

Babies children historic lols nuns - 5111181312
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Cluck Cluck, Watch Me Strut

Babies chickens costume excuse me kids roosters sassy - 5234794240
By Unknown

Those Are Some Smelly Cats

animals Babies children dumb I Can Has Cheezburger kids kitten skunks - 5282149632
By Unknown

They're Creepy Because They're Just Like Us... But Smaller...

Babies Cats creepy hugs I Can Has Cheezburger kids not amused - 5068752128
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To Catch a Predator

Babies best of the week five Hall of Fame kids - 5186365696
By Unknown

Truce in the Face of Danger

Babies cute bobcat friends fawn - 8185430272
Via The Chive

Out of the Mouths of Giant Babes

Babies creepy historic lols moms - 5271312384
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Uh Oh!!

animals Babies breakfast cat chickens eggs food oops uh oh - 5597252864
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Time to shake it up!

aligators Babies captions excitement holding scary - 6571883520
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Drinking With Your Nose Is an Acquired Skill

Babies cute elephants learning - 8015874560
By Unknown
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