If 'Clifford The Big Red Dog' Was Actually A Cat (Comics)

Another brilliant comic by the creator of 'Pixie and Brutus,' Ben Hed! Ben Hed, commonly known as @PetFoolery on Instagram, is constantly providing the world with hilarious and wholesome comics. 

This time, the artist has reimagined a classic, 'Clifford the Big Red Dog,' as 'Clifford the Big Red Cat.' And that's already has a ton of golden potential. A giant cat? Sign us up for the mayhem! 

If you're behind on your PetFoolery comics, we can get you up to speed with the new 'Pixie and Brutus' and all the recent Halloween comics

clifford the big red dog reimagined as a cat - thumbnail of clifford the big red cat and he's about to push over a water tank
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