Animal Comedy


It's Cool If You Are, But If You're Done...

annoying burrito ducks eating food - 6022031872
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Come On, You're Not Even Trying!

annoying biting game lions tag tail unimpressed - 6364983040
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Playing Chicken...More Like Playing Squirrel

annoying crossing the street funny statistic squirrel - 7958598144
By Unknown

You Sound Like You're Underwater

annoying can you hear me now cell phone commercials polar bear talking underwater - 6099405312
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Someone's Been Spending Too Much Time on Facebook

animals annoying Cats I Can Has Cheezburger poke - 5042138368
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Case in Point

annoying camels donkeys funny - 7965758976
By Unknown

And Here I was Thinking I was Doing You a Favor

annoying squirrels funny - 8211869184
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Your WoW Habit is Becoming Annoying

annoying mice WoW - 6335805952
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Go Bug Your Dad

seal kid mom annoying Hey calling - 6561539328
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Always Liked That Expression

annoying cat countdown crow food pecking - 6286059008
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Then They Point Out Everything That's Wrong With It

monkeys annoying cars family - 7012456192
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Next Time, I'll Say I'm Sick

complaining school annoying kids turtles pay fish questions - 6861313792
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