Thirty Four Of The Best Cat Memes My Dog Hates

Yeah, it's true that cats and dogs are not the bestest of friends, but dogs are normally loving and kind to the cats. It's the cats who can be difficult. Sometimes though, our tolerant, purest of everything that is pure, dogs get a little annoyed too. There's nothing you can do to avoid it. Cats can get to even the most patient among us every once in a while, no matter how much we love them. 

These memes capture exactly those moments that push our doggos a bit too far. Cat memes that our dogs hate. They're truly cat-astrophic. And though our dogs may hate them, to us, they're just funny. 

But, not these cats, these cats are cursed.

collection of cat memes that my dog hates thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a cat in front of a mirror cougar 'Cat - This mirror makes me look ripped' and another of a cat sitting on a man's shoulder 'Cat - My crush just told me over text that it was unmanly for men to have a cat. I sent her this.'
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