Animal Comedy


You Do Not Get My Seal of Approval

advice dress fashion girl seal shoes - 6455071744
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Don't Try Any Funny Stuff!

advice animals best of the week caption captioned duck giraffes Hall of Fame threat - 5640197888
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You'll Want to Get That Looked At ASAP

ducks tracks advice cement - 7065067008
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note to self grass deer advice hunting derp season - 6791550720
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Not Baaaad Advice

advice baby captions fighting goat goats internet - 6417292288
Via Fadjit

Though it Looks Plenty Big from Here

advice ass bigger donkey feet touch - 6470002176
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Those Sloths Have it Figured Out!

life advice sloths slow funny - 7961641216
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Always Bet on the Tiger

tiger running love advice wisdom - 6601798656
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Obvious Advice Fox Knows You Can't Get Stronger if You're Dead

bears fox advice - 8397408000
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Sound Advice from a Tiny Shrew

advice deep tiny - 7900925184
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Irving the Philosopher Strikes Again

advice beautiful - 8368128768
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Never Boop a Sleeping Lion

advice boop dangerous lion nose sleeping - 6172945152
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Pup's Insecurities

advice cat hedgehog - 6506659328
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Happeh Hamster, Wut Is Your Saje-lee Advise?

advice dream hamster happy nap Other Animals sleep thought tired - 6020335360
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You're Wasting Your Time

fishing penguins snob advice - 6678988800
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How Do You Mess Up Raw Fish?

advice bear cooking food gross note to self sick - 6406126592
See all captions By YesSirmam
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