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Covered in Hair... Still No Eyebrows

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Ambition Is Not for Everyone

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You Did NOT Just Call Me GeORANGE Clooney!

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Lies! This Look Is Timeless!

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There's No Pot of Gold Under This Rainbow

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Full of Delicious Proteins!

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Captain All-American Beefcake

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A Bit Too Much Rum Ham, It Looks Like...

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Don't Push Me! I'm a Very Jealous Man!

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He Gon' Choke You Big Willy Style

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Don't Give Lady Gaga Any Ideas Now

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The Greatest Hair Actor of Our Time

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Back to the Drawing Board

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All of Them Except "Adaptation"

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Why not put DAT ASS in DIS HAND?

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Oh, Just Heading to the Dentist... With My EMMYS!

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