Animal Comedy


Funny How That Works

Staring puns camera turkeys - 7119772928
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Sometimes a Bird Likes to Feel Pretty Without Being Objectified!

Staring peacocks offended feathers stop - 7041797888
By Unknown

If You Agree to All of Them, You Might Get Out in One Piece

caught terms emus Staring - 6833303040
See all captions By jambuzz

A NOT So Grizzly Ending.

Staring ending goldilocks and the three bears waterfall realized fell - 6930683392
See all captions By violetD

Let's Get the Camera

beer emus Staring friends painful - 6836817920
See all captions By OneSkunkTodd

Better Tenderize it a Little Bit First

emus Staring human what is it eating - 6971904768
See all captions By Unknown

I Shall Make Him My Dinner

buffalo cat dinner food hungry Staring - 6521949952
See all captions By zekeoman

I Won't Leave You Alone Until you Do

Staring waiting feed me ducks bread eating - 6930340864
See all captions By CheezOnWheels

Not Polite to Stare

excuse me giraffes rude sky Staring - 5906701568
See all captions By bloodline

That's Sure to Work!

Staring gorillas lol grumpy screen - 7045346304
See all captions By Sandy_Sunball

Make it Go Away

emus Staring hideous what is it - 6833049088
See all captions By Stinkyray


dibs Staring bears waterfall fell - 6940603392
See all captions By OneSkunkTodd

Hooman Girls Think Havin' Two is Bad

bewbs cold nipples squirrel Staring - 6472196352
See all captions By momofzoo

I'm Nawt Funnee?

emus Staring lols camera not funny - 6834537472
See all captions By allcatsloved

Colorful Crunchy Shell. Chewy Middle.

WoW Staring bears nope waterfall fish - 6930808832
See all captions By jennybookseller

You Okay?

checking dead deer Okay Staring wake up - 5791848960
See all captions By TheCrazyRavioli
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