Animal Comedy


Get a Room!

beluga whale I Can Has Cheezburger Interspecies Love KISS kisses kissing sea lions seals - 5094032128
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Another Reason Why I've Never Enjoyed Disney

disney KISS snow white - 5350992384
By Unknown

Some Pickup Lines Work for ANY Species

pickup lines KISS puns owls - 8093451008
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Mwah Mwah

KISS fish funny - 7676298240
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Meerkat Dentistry

KISS meerkat - 6290439680
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Alright, but no Tongue

KISS tongue funny giraffes - 7870325504
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You Do What You Have to Do

ass best of the week donkey Hall of Fame KISS lick literally pun what breed - 6292652544
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Safety First!

cat cuddle guinea pig KISS kitten nap sleep - 6261775616
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frog KISS frustrated arms crossed - 6627275776
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I'll Pass

animals best of the week fish Hall of Fame KISS kisses kissing - 5692615424
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Know Any Hitchhikers?

boat boop dolphins fish Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy KISS noses - 6050058496
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Go On, I've Got Plenty Of Other Things To Get To Today

animals butt baby KISS cute Wombat - 8498116864
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Sobering Memories of a Blurred Night

alcohol drunk hangover KISS kissing penguin polar bear - 5637121024
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Pucker Up!

fish funny seal puns KISS gross - 7926326272
By Unknown


bug bugs flies KISS kisses kissing mantis - 5863726080
By ICanHazUsername5

They're Natural Kissers

KISS turtles love fish - 7879169792
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