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And He Could Be a Real Bear in the Mornings!

baby pun raising polar bear Father - 6672818432
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Someday He'll Graduate from the Trike

car drive family Father frog love same son - 5980286720
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10 reddit text images, aita for getting a dog ex irrational fear of dogs | thumbnail blue background text "I called my ex privately afterward and informed her because I knew she would blow up, and I didn't want her ruining my son's excitement. She was furious. I told her what's done is done and I don't need her permission to have a dog in my own home. She then sent a series of texts saying that I'm disregarding her feelings; that as the mother of my child, I should respect her wishes; "

Considerate Father Gets Puppy For Son, His Ex And Mother Of His Child Loses It Due To Her Irrational Fear Of Dogs

Oy va voy
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There's No Hope for This One

duck duckling falling family Father mother - 6499505408
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Got Five Friends I Want You to Meet

date daughter Father fist gorilla protective punch threat - 6489300480
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This Explains a Lot

zebra real answer donkey stripes Father - 6886722304
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