Animal Comedy


Or Like I'd Hopped

best of the week cows embarrassing FAIL fence Hall of Fame hope oops Sad stuck - 6061364992
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I'm Never Using the Flat Iron Again!

hair FAIL meme bird funny - 7805915392
By conans

I Love You, Track. You're the Only One Who Understands Me.

FAIL Memes running Up Next in Sports - 5187228672
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I'm Showing You My Good Side and Everything!

camera excuse me FAIL good side gopher photographer - 6350477312
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Rock Bottom

Sad FAIL suicide otter depression cant - 6748914432
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I'm a Master of Blending Into My Surroundings!

Forest disguise FAIL bears cute funny - 8026379008
By Unknown

Something Went Horribly Wrong After the First Twin Was Delivered

singers britney spears FAIL look alikes roflrazzi twins ugly - 5088814080
See all captions By kittylin

You Are Fired From This Clock Making Shop, Bird!

animals birds dumb FAIL I Can Has Cheezburger parrots wat - 5118868736
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Lousy Lizard Wizard

change FAIL lizard magic transform wizard - 6030555648
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Super Virgin

FAIL historic lols sex sexy test - 5172336640
See all captions By JOE-STYLE

Sleep It Off, Losers

crying FAIL sports tennis Up Next in Sports - 5108692736
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Fall Back, I Repeat, Fall Back!

avian bird cat device FAIL sneaky stealth - 5794472704
By Sylviag

Attach "Doodad A" to "Knick Knack C-3"... And FINISHED!

animals FAIL I Can Has Cheezburger instructions platypus reading ugly weird - 5145024768
See all captions By roniharvey

Is There Something on My Face?

Cats FAIL mice - 7949740032
See all captions By toddlorenz

An Oldie But a Goodie

dammit FAIL falling ouch sucks - 5099866880
By Unknown

Not Exactly Gold Medal Material

cows FAIL hurdles olympics stuck - 6424999680
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