Animal Comedy

This Explains a Lot

zebra real answer donkey stripes Father - 6886722304
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At least he's stopped quacking.

animals city come here confused lamb sheep stupid wrong - 6253365248
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El Niño Strikes Again!

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Yes. Quite Perfect Indeed.

captions chimpanzee flinging perfect poop proper - 6570892544
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It's Most Effective

scary worry computer effective robbery lynxes - 6928563200
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I Really Should Just Let it All Grow Out

bleach captions hair hair dye lion style - 6255150848
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You Are Just Adorable!!

adorable animals blush flirt flirting otter - 5319134464
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Get Along Little Dung Beetle

beetle cowboy funny frog - 8539798784
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"Where did he go?"

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Happy Hamster Surprise

cake birthday Fluffy cute surprise hamster - 7786317824
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Hitchhiker of the Day: Cats Ride Black Rhinos in South Africa

South Africa catches cats riding rhinosaurus
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You Don't Have to Yell

300 fashion Movie sparta this is sparta - 5471259136
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Don't Let The Hippos Push You Around

baby animals rhino - 8322730240
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You Have Those?

crying depressed emotions roflrazzi - 5381515776
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This Thing On?

tail can you hear me now cheetahs funny - 7695989248
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