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Take the stairs, not the elevator. Great for your health, and for a makeshift workout when you're stuck at home, just make sure to take them one at a time, you wouldn't want to trip over some of these multi-leveled puns.

This Hamster is the Stair MASTER!

cute climb hamsters gifs stairs - 7913536256
By Unknown

Death-Defying Laser Chase

cat Cats chase hang laser laser pointers lasers stairs - 6157180672
By Unknown

Escape Route

cat cool gifs kitten pole slide stairs - 5981410560
By Unknown


bunnies excited food gifs hungry noms rabbit rabbits run running stairs - 5869457920
By Unknown

I Have Arrived!

hello gifs pug stairs - 6745122816
By Unknown

Big Dog's First Small Steps

gifs stairs - 8390393856
By ToolBee

Route to Upstairs

mindwarp gifs stairs Cats - 8541180160

When Laziness is Most Effective

gifs stairs slide - 8106551296
By Unknown

You Could Have Just...Walked

cat fall stairs weird - 5715245824
By Unknown

Hup Hup Hup Hup!

gifs stairs pugs funny - 8296045056
By anselmbe

Puppies Can't Climb Stairs

gifs climbing puppies stairs critters cute - 7401337344
By Unknown


gifs slide box stairs Cats trick - 7022896640
By Unknown

Such Grace! Such Finesse!

gifs FAIL stairs trip Cats clumsy fall - 6846843904
By Unknown

Toucan Takes The Stairs

birds gifs stairs - 8176248832
Via Because Birds

The Stair Master

gifs climb stairs hamster small - 6865987584
By Unknown

This Dog Has a Funny Way of Going Up the Stairs

hop stairs funny - 7672499712
Via Youtube
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