I See Your Dolphin Side Show and Raise You a Selfie-Loving Orca

A couple of friends from San Diego got a super rare treat while out on a fishing expedition. While traveling at a high rate of speed, they suddenly happened upon an pod of Orcas about half a mile off the bow. Then, one of the Orcas split off from the pod, and burst from the water right beside the boat. The Orca would continue to follow them for around 10 minutes, having thoroughly shocked and soaked them with its first appearance. It was so close to the boat that they said they could have reached out and touched it while it leaped out of the water.

The crew took advantage of the ample selfie and video opportunities. They said the fishing trip may have been a dud, but it was worth it for the Orcas and an "awesome day on the water". But if you thought this was an amazing case, this encounter with a young white killer whale was truly a rare sight to behold.

Orca shocks San Diego fisherman by following the boat and playing with them, along with loving the limelight and "taking selfies"
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