Animal Gifs


3-Day-Old Otter Takes a Swim

cute swim rescue - 7868515584
By Unknown

Watch Out, Hand! I'll Save You!

kitten gifs cute Cats rescue - 8121978624
Via Google

Fireman Rescues Kitten

gif fire kitten rescue - 8534344448
By AnimalRescues (Via

Goggie Gif: Dog to the Rescue!

gifs canoe river rescue - 6666482944
By Unknown

Must Save Fish

gifs sweet fish rescue - 8290620672

I'll Save You!

rats gifs cute rescue - 8036989184
By kiwiangel

Rescue of a Cute Fox Cub Stuck in a Cricket Net

foxes cute rescue - 8260485120
By ani.s4 (Via

Near Miss

Cats fire rescue sniper tackle - 6526685696
By Unknown