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polar bears

Playful Polarbear Cubs

trees gifs polar bears cute cubs - 7204712960
By ToolBee

I'm Gonna Getcha!

Babies gifs attack polar bears cute - 8125009920
By ani.s4 (Via

Yo! A Little Help?

awesome catch gifs polar bears throw - 8158394368
Via Bits and Pieces

Soon, Seal...Soon...

clueless ice gifs polar bears seals SOON - 7930637568
By SarunaTheAwesomeDragon (Via

Winter Fun

fun play polar bears snow tree winter - 6320434432
By Unknown

One Lazy And Filthy Polar Bear

gifs lazy polar bears critters - 8104516864
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

You Know That Feel When You Want to Dive Headfirst into the Arctic Ocean...

bear bears cold dive FAIL gifs ice jump polar bear polar bears snow - 6263663360
By Unknown

"Mommy! I want to be an Astronaut when I grow up!"

gifs bears polar bears critters buckets - 8569051392
By anselmbe

I'm Gonna Get You!

gif penguins polar bears running ice - 7855256064
By fuzzyballs (Via Evil Penguins )

Knut Getting Bathed

baths gifs bears polar bears critters - 8408549632
By anselmbe

Hey, Cut it Out!

gif annoying polar bears - 7829978368
By Unknown

Okay...So That Froze Quicker Than I Thought...

gif polar bears ice - 7829945856
By Unknown
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