A lion knows never to play poker with a leopard, they're all cheetahs. These catty kings of the Savanna are punny as anything and just chomping at the bit to flow across your screen. So before you flip on Animal Planet, check out some of the best hilarious lion jokes and memes around.


Crazy Safari Encounters of A Furry Kind

Living in suburbia, there is nothing like getting away from it all and going into nature, and experiencing everything that urbanization can't offer. Some take it a step further, and seek out foreign lands in order to experience the real wild. So they go on a guided Safari tour with guides and cars that gives them the most authentic experience possible.

But there is no doubt that being up close and personal with animal is an incredible opportunity they probably won't have again. And for some of these people, after their experience, they might never want to again.

Crazy encounters with safari animals
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