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It's an arm and a leg. It's time to get a leg up on the day and ahead by an arms-width. These leggy memes and jokes will have you clapping your feet and hands at the same time. 

Koala Cutie

baby cute gifs koala koalas leg multipanel shoes squee tumblr - 6095096576
By Unknown

Why Don't You Understand Me!?

claws climb gifs leg kitten scratch - 7897091840
By ani.s4 (Via

Koala Klingon

koala funny leg - 7753583104
Via Youtube

I'll Get You, Leg!

cat face gifs kick leg - 5937687552
By OliverO (Via


Cute GIF of a dog playing peek-a-boo with owner's leg.
By Unknown

Hobble Hobble

bite leg move walk weird wtf - 6123952128
By Unknown

Pugsthetic Device

pug leg walk disabled - 6695542528
By Unknown

Elephant Yoga

elephant gifs leg stretch yoga - 6591456512
By Unknown