Animal Gifs


Choosing a Book

gifs books Cats - 8301747456
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Cat Loves Baths

baths gifs love Cats - 7322797056
By Unknown

Derpy Dog

gifs pugs derp - 7004290048
By catanddog725

Surf's Up!

gifs geese surf swans - 7975469056
By Unknown

Running Running Running

ball cat Cats feet gifs legs run spaz toys - 6175909376
By Unknown

Chameleon Wrecking Ball

critters gifs lizards - 8429986560
By ani.s4 (Via Vine)

This Dog Refuses Shrimp

gifs critters - 7294718976
By Unknown

"This Orange is broken!"

frustration monkeys gifs critters - 8494986240
By anselmbe

Wax On, Wax Off

gifs kitten Cats - 8426310912
By anselmbe

The Worst Situation for a Flightless Bird

annoying gifs penguins - 8114685696
Via That'sAwesomeJellyfish

Walking the Duckling

duck duckling exercise gifs run treadmill walk - 6436927488
By Unknown

Okay, I Did It! Now, Throw Money!!

dancing gifs Cats money - 8443505152
By mamawalker

Shadow Boxing

GIF of a cat attacking shadow puppets on the wall made by human.


gifs pop scared squirrel surprise water water balloon wet - 6615967744
By Unknown

Watermelon Nap

gifs pillows watermelon Cats - 8291740160
By Unknown

But Pink Is So HEAVY

costume FAIL gifs Cats fall - 8425878528
By mamawalker