Animal Gifs


Aww! Little Baby HIppo Needs a Snuggle!

gif snuggle cute - 7837021952
By Unknown

GIF Meme - Hamster Gym Workout Fail

Funny gif meme of a hamster going to fast on his wheel with a caption joking it is how you feel when you set the treadmill to high.

"Okay listen. I need you to stop that monkey business now and sell that stock!"

gif monkey baboon - 8556000256
By anselmbe

Drinking from the Faucet - Cat Gif

Gif of a cat drinking right from the faucet as he seems to prefer flowing water.
By Snake73

Whoa! Hooo the Heck did That?!

gif cute owls scared - 7829954048
By Unknown

Keep Chasing Those Dreams Buddy

gif of lizard trying to eat cherry
Via robotindisguise

Monday Got Me Like

Via acidcow

So This is What Being on Speed Feels Like?

gif turtle skateboard - 7779042816
By Unknown

Autumn Came Fast!

autumn gif leaves Cats fall - 7813313280
By Unknown

I Just Want one Bite!

gif tortoise bite - 7847863040
By Unknown

Gimme! I Want!

gif chicken Cats - 7845038336
By ToolBee

Help! It's too far!

gif kitten hanging cute Cats - 7852891136
By Unknown

Scooter is a Happy Goggie

gif bipedal - 7130229248
By Unknown

Ready... And...

gif explosion jump funny - 7515483904
By Unknown

First Time Seeing the Dog Chase His Tail

Cats cute chase gif kitten tail - 7895351296
By ani.s4 (Via

Wow Man Chill Out!

GIF of a big dog getting a bit scared of a large turtle.