Animal Gifs


Kitten Savours His Sippings

drinking gifs kitten cute Cats - 8557324800
By ToolBee

I So Thirsty!!

drinking gifs water goats thirsty funny weird - 8072551936
By Unknown

I Don't Have a Drinking Problem

drinking gifs glasses Cats - 7343635456
By muriell

Just a Little Sip

drinking gifs water Cats - 8093620480
By Unknown

Nobody Likes Drinking From the Pond After Slimy has Been There

cute GIF of adorable snail is drinking water from a little puddle.
Via Google

I'll Tell You When I've Had Enough

adorable gif of a kitten drinking a bottle of milk while lying on his back and spitting out a bit in a fun way
By anselmbe

Staying Hydrated

drinking gifs water Cats - 8555141376
By Snake73

Thirsty Cat Is Thirsty

Cute gif of a cat that is drinking alot of water on the floor of the shelter.
By Snake73 (Via gifs)

Am I Getting Any?

gif drinking faucet Cats funny - 7830967552
By meganeguard (Via

Slo-mo Catsip

drinking slow motion gifs snow tongues Cats - 8571906560
By Philippa2

Come Back Here!

drinking hard gifs faucet Cats - 8036334592
By beernbiccies

Sippin' Kitten

kitten GIF of sipping some milk very cutely
By ToolBee