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21 Essential GIFs of Sleepy Critters Being Sleepy

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Everyone Likes Almond Butter

almonds critters food gifs squirrels - 8458124800
By Unknown

Kiss And Run

bunnies gifs kisses chipmunks critters - 8424041984
Via GIFs Boom

Two Bunnies Have a Hop Off

memes bunnies cute critters gifs - 8346564608
By Unknown

The Eagle Has Landed

poop eagles gifs gross critters - 8517292544
By rupumped

Fancy Free in The Red Hammock

gifs critters orangutans - 8293959680
By Unknown

Groundhog Dreaming

gifs critters dreaming sleeping - 8188363264
By Unknown

A Wee Baby Raccoon

Babies gifs critters cute raccoons - 7354427904
By Unknown

Hungry Squirrel Vs. Bag

gifs critters squirrels - 8399176448
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Water Paws

gifs water critters Cats - 8439478016
By anselmbe

Let's Go Sliding

critters gifs otters - 8354067968
Via Bing

Penguin Has a Solid Defense

critters gifs penguins sports soccer - 8413917696
By Unknown

Orangutan Babysits Some Tiger Cubs

Via Bing

This is What Happens When Cool Whip is Left Outside of The Fridge

gifs critters cute sugar gliders - 8411001856
By anselmbe


gifs critters owls - 8411022592
By ani.s4 (Via Vine)

The Monster Below The Bed

Via Bing