Animal Gifs


Pug Has Got Quite The Tongue

critters gifs pugs tongues - 8462050048
By Unknown

Otter Won't Get Out of The Car

gifs cars critters otters - 7401335296
By Unknown

Get a Room You Two

gifs critters Cats - 8529955072

Trash Pickin' Squirrel

Cute GIF of a squirrel inside a trash can and picking out the good stuff from the garbage.

Vampire Monkey

apes critters gifs yikes teeth - 8240448000
By anselmbe

Baby Sloth Gets a Bath

gifs critters sloths - 8424200448
By anselmbe

I Just Need to Wash My Claws

birds gifs critters sprinklers - 8300776704
Via Bing

Señor Gif: Cheetah is Planning Something Evil

cheetah critters evil gifs nature yikes - 6585118976
By Mynameisavals

Otters Try to Start a Collaborative Synth Band

critters gifs otters - 8203648000
By Unknown

Hummingbird Rest Stop

gifs critters - 8502949376
By ani.s4 (Via Reddit)

This Sloth is a Monster

gifs critters sloths - 8403374080
By Unknown

Señor Gif: The Calgary Zoo's Gorillas Entertained by Caterpillar

caterpillar critters gifs gorillas - 6588744192

"Crazy Cormorants," Said The Heron

birds gifs critters - 8452959744
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Ohai... Bye

gifs ferrets critters cute - 8427836160
By anselmbe

Señor Gif: Seagull Thief

critters fish gifs seagull thief - 6592049920
By Unknown

Tasteful Clothing

fashion gifs goats critters - 8467490560
By Unknown