Animal Gifs


Hey, Come Back Here! I'm Trying to Surprise You!

FAIL gifs attack surprise Cats - 7899785984
By Unknown

Don't You EVER Turn Your Back on Me!

attack cute bite frogs - 8060657152
By Unknown

Sneak Attack!

attack critters funny sneaky - 8074253568
By Unknown

Bossy Camel

gif camel attack - 7111722240
By Unknown

When Windshield Wipers Attack

attack kitten - 7537845760
Via Youtube

Animal Gifs: Cattack

attack Cats gifs toys wtf - 6060738304
By Unknown

Vicious Beast in the Shadows

attack bat cat couch evil hide kid toddler - 5911587072
By Unknown

Vicious Killer Rabbit

attack Blood bunny eat kill murder rabbit - 6090543872
By Unknown


Funny GIF of a cat jumping at and attacking the mirror.
By Unknown

Cat Defense System ENGAGE

funny GIF of a cat protecting his turf against an invading raccoon.
By Unknown

One Fierce Attack

attack cute Cats funny animals - 8004828928
By anselmbe

Wiggle Like No Cat has Wiggled Before!

Cats attack gifs funny wiggle - 8168089344
Via heebicular


cute gif of a cat popping out a box
By Unknown

Surprise Goggie!

gif cat attack interspecies friendship - 7752160768
Via Tastefully Offensive

The One on The Left is Acting Like He's Never Seen Something So Marvelous

lights gifs attack Cats - 7245371136
Via Nik Nak 79

That. That's the Fish I Want.

attack bird dive fish kingfisher stare water - 6240293120
Via Head Like An Orange